Big Changes!

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I felt it was time for a change so I have updated my panty store for you guys!  If you haven’t been able to afford a pair of my worn panties in the past you may be pleasantly surprised!! I’ve now got a wide range of price options instead of just the flat $45 across the board.  You can get a pair of my panties for a low as $25 now!  Pricing is also specific to your needs.  If you don’t want 48 hours of wear, you don’t have to pay for it!

My shipping rates have also gotten a makeover.  I no longer charge extra for tracking with priority shipments within the US, and I’m offering a MUCH cheaper first class international shipping option with a rate of $6.50.  

In addition to the money stuff I’ve decided to make the preparation of the panties a little more of a special occasion.  I’m going to make sure that every single orgasm I have in my panties for clients gets that cum that I really enjoy.  The kind where I’m really turned on and in the moment.  That’s the good, wet, sweet smelling stuff.  That’s what I want you to have every time!  Here’s some candor for you… I love waking up in the morning finding some really hot porn on my phone to watch while fingering my pussy.  I always make a mess when I do this.  That’s an example of the kind of treatment every one of my panties should and will get!

Please check out my store and let me know what you think.  I’d love to hear your feedback.  I’ll be ordering a whole new bunch of panties soon if you have any suggestions on what to get send them my way.

Thanks for loving me and my panties! We love you back!

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