New Panties Added!


I just added 17 new pairs of Victoria’s Secret panties to my store.  This is my favorite bunch yet they are all so pretty I love them!  For you satin lovers I’ve got 2 true satin pairs and a few more that are very silky.  I can’t wait to start wearing these.  Get your order in now!  If you’d like a discounted pair check out my favorite pair for $10 off.  It’s the first one listed.  Here’s one of my favs from the new batch:



My New Panties Have Arrived!!

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18 new pairs of panties were delivered to my doorstep today.  Yes I was elated!  I’m going to get these listed on my site very soon but I just wanted to let you panty boys know now, because my inventory has been pretty low for a while.  I’ve been without power from hurricane Irene since Saturday so as soon as I’m able to I’m going to take pictures to list on here.  I’m also going to pre-wash them to get that weird new panty chemical smell out of them (blech).

Here is my excited ‘panties just arrived’ pic!




Vacation Time!


The time has finally come for me to enjoy a long weekend away.  I’ll be enjoying some music in the mountains from Thursday until Monday! I’ll still be tweeting and able to check emails but my capabilities will be limited as far as logging into some sites and sending invoices.  I’ll definitely try to get you some pics while I’m there of me having a good time, which is what I fully intend to do!


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New Panties Added To Store

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I added all of those pretty panties to my store Friday and you boys have already snatched up a couple pair. Thank you!! Check out all of the pretty panties available. I’ve also got a few pair listed on ebanned.

Hope you all had a nice weekend. I was out of town most of the time visiting with family. Family is nice but I’m looking forward to NOT having any family functions to attend this weekend. I shall fill it up with fun stuff that I actually want to do!

Here’s a pretty hot pic I took in one of my favorites from the new batch. Enjoy. 🙂




New Panties Are Here!

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Yup, that’s a box full of brand new panties! This is what I like to call panty heaven. I’m so excited when I get new panties. I can’t wait to bust into those packages and try them on!

Whenever I get brand new undies to wear and sell I always wash them to get rid of that ‘new panty smell’. And they also get worn normally before they’re ordered. There’s simply no way I could have all of those pretty panties in my drawer and resist wearing them!

There are about 14 pairs of panties in that box and I’ve got another I picked up at the store the other night that I’ll be offering. Tonight I’m taking pictures in all of them and as soon as those pics are edited I’ll be adding them to my store and some to ebanned as well, maybe even as soon as tomorrow. I will certainly keep you all posted! If you have any questions in the meantime about my panties or any other items you’re interested feel free to contact me.

Also, I recently did a video interview for The Elm Avenue Show. I’ve posted the vid on my other website, You can check in out here. I had a lot of fun during and it’s cool little glimpse into my personality and how I got started in the Adult biz.


New Panty Tease Video & New Panties In Store!

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I just uploaded a video to my brand new YouTube channel of me modeling all of the new panties I have for sale! Check it out & be sure to subscribe to me channel and friend me! There will be lots more vids to come. 🙂

Any of these panties could be yours (let me wear them first though, haha!). Check out my store and my ebanned auctions!

YouTube Preview Image more...

Welcome to My Used Panty Blog!

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I’m extremely excited to finally have this site up and running. Anyone who already knows me knows that I’ve been working my little booty off getting this thing going. And here it is!

So, my name is Roselynn, i’m 26 years old, and I’ve been a cam girl for 11 months now. I’ve gotten into selling my worn panties fairly recently but have enjoyed it so much that I decided to have my own little panty spot on the web. I figure this way it will be easier to reach out to those in the used panty fetish community and in turn for those folks to find me. My other site,, focuses more on my camming and video/pic sales.

I’ll be updating as often as I can with pics, tease videos, & info on the goodies you can purchase from me. For now you can check out my about page for a bit more info on just who Roselynn is, browse the photos I’ve put up, and of course swing by my store and see what panties I currently have available (I’ve got lots more hot ones on the way I can’t wait until they get here!!).

Browse around, comment, show some love and spread the word! is live! Woohoo!!