It’s Good To Be Spoiled

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Occassionally a customer or fan will be me gifts off of my wishlist, and this is always an awesome surprise. Who doesn’t like getting gifts right? I’ll either know it’s on the way and it will be like waiting for Christmas, or a package will show up at my door unexpected and I’m like a giddy little kid opening it up. I’ve also decided recently that every time someone pays me with an Amazon gift card I should just buy things from my wishlist with it, because I deserve it for the hard work. I’ve been able to get quite a few nice things recently.  I bought myself a pair of nice hiking shoes for my hiking trip tomorrow (which I’m super duper excited about). I also got some new sneakers, the ones in the picture below. They’re pink and brown even though they look white and brown in the pic. I needed new sneakers badly! My other goodies I got this week include a big solid granite mortar and pestle, several copies of my favorite comic, American Splendor, all in good shape, one like new, and some new jewelry!

I always put other things like bills and what not first. I guess that’s the definition of being responsible, but it’s easy to forget to treat yourself. I’m thankful to have a job that allows me to splurge now and again while still taking care of business.

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