Love Getting New Panties!

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I’m always excited about getting a new batch of panties for my store for basically one reason… I get to wear them! Unless special ordered for a customer, I don’t only wear the panties after someone has chosen them. They’re my everyday wear panties. So naturally I pick styles that I love.

I get excited about wearing them for you naughty panty boys as well though! When I’m wearing a pretty pair for a friend and those naughty thoughts come whenever they may pop up and make my pussy wet, it’s all the more exciting knowing that those lovely juices won’t go to waste.

New panties also means new stuff to wear in my videos and on cam! I love shaking my ass in a sexy new pair for my fans, or showing them off in a fetish clip, custom video or cam show.

Feels so nice to have a drawer full of sexy new panties right now and can’t wait to dirty them all up!

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