Panties Pay For School!

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I’m starting classes next month which I’m very excited and nervous about! I’ll be studying culinary arts which is perfect for me because I love to cook. I haven’t been to school in about 10 years so it’s a little stressful! I know I’ll do well though, because it really is something that I want to do. It’s just going to be a big adjustment.

My first semester is going to be pretty damn expensive. On top of tuition and books I have to buy a uniform, shoes, and tool kit. I’ve gotta get the uniform and shoes before financial aid kicks in which blows because I’m broke as shit right now! My uniform actually has to be ordered in the next two weeks because they customize them and it takes a couple weeks for them to arrive. They won’t let me in the kitchen without my full uniform. Why am I telling you all of this you ask? Because buying my yummy used panties can help of course! Ordering panties from me through Payoneer is super helpful, because a couple days later the money is loaded on my card and I can just use that to order my stuff. Buying my panties is now for an even greater cause. 😉 So check out what I’ve got in my store and help fund the education of a sexy redhead who loves to cook.

I’ve also added the shoes I need to my wishlist. These babies will last me at least a couple years and if you were to buy them your generosity would not go unrewarded! It would put the biggest smile on my face.

Love all you panty boys. <3

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