Pantyhose For Sale!

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I’ve listed pantyhose for sale for the first time! Go to my store to check out the details.  It’s $30 for up to 48 hour wear and masturbated into if you wish. $10 for every additional day of wear.  I’m open to special requests! Suntan and jet black colors available right now.



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12 Responses to “Pantyhose For Sale!”

  1. Andrew says:

    Hi Roz, how much for a pair of sheer tan pantyhose with 2 day wear and masturbated in?

  2. Jeff Gordon says:

    I am interested in a pair of nude pantyhose … pref. a pair you have came on and have worn all night

    Please email me back for a price … ty

  3. Jeff Gordon says:

    interested in a pair of nude pantyhose with cum and foot scent …. message me back …. ty

  4. Mike J Grimm says:

    I am interested just in your rank nylons or knee hi hose. 2 day’s wear Please I want them rank. mikegrimm636@gmail.com

  5. Mike dallas says:

    Love to get a pair of well used scented tan pantyhose

  6. Frank says:

    Love stinky nylon toes

  7. Send me a pair of your smelly pantyhose 2 days wear.

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