Peek Into My Panty Drawer

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I thought you all might to take a look at where I keep my lingerie. It’s a pretty messy place for someone who’s not a messy person! I keep my normal daily wear type stuff on the left side, including the panties that I have for sale in my store. There are some socks and other miscellaneous things on that side as well. On the right side are the outfits and lingerie that I save for camming, aside from a few bras that i wear out on special occasions. It works for me but it’s not ideal. Makes it kinda hard to find my favorite stuff! I shall soon find a better arrangement for my pretty underthings, but in the meantime, peek into that place where I keep all of those naughty garments.

I feel like I’ve something so intimate! Your panty drawer is not something you usually share with the world. Fun stuff 🙂

Enjoy the weekend!! I’ve got 3 auctions ending on ebanned today. Check them out!


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