Review: Sliquid Silver Lubricant

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Edenfantasys, my favorite online provider of sex toys, was kind enough to provide a new lubricant for me to test out, and I wanted to share my experience with you guys.

I hadn’t used a slicone lube since high school and had kind forgotten what they were like.  A lot of my toys are silicone also, which silicone toys & silicone lube do not go together (it makes them melt), so I had been using a coconut oil based lubricant for quite some time.  But I wanted to try out a silicone based one to use with my glass dildo and hitachi to see if it would last longer than the oil, which seems to absorb into the skin rather quickly.

This lube is glycerine & paraben free.  I won’t use any lubricant with parabens in it, because they’re a health hazard.  The label and bottle are very slick looking (no pun intended ;)).

I used it for the first time during a night of camming.  I first put a little on my fingers and rubbed them together for a while.  It is a very slick lube and doesn’t wipe off easily. It just seemed to stay slippery forever, which is great!

I next used a little bit of it with my hitachi magic wand and this was awesome!  It really increased my sensitivity and made me want to use lube with that particular toy more often.  It did make it hard to grip the toy though with the excess that was left on my hand.  It did seem to “dry up” after about 5 minutes, but I was pretty wet myself by then!

Later on in the night, several times, I applied it to my glass dildo.  It definitely provided a nice slickness for insertion, but once again the excess on my hand and what slid down to the part of the toy where I hold onto made it hard to grip & maneuver the glass.  I’m not sure what the best way to get around this would be especially during a cam show since the silicone lube is rather difficult to actually wipe off.

All in all I think this is a good, healthy lube and worth the purchase.  Not being a big user of lubricant to begin with, and owning so many silicone toys that wouldn’t be compatible with this particular one, I’ll probably stick to my oil based mostly & use this one on nights when I need a little something extra.  The slippery toys were a bit of a hassle.

For this and many other lubricants as well as a wide array of other adult items, check out Edenfantasys.

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