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Love Getting New Panties!

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I’m always excited about getting a new batch of panties for my store for basically one reason… I get to wear them! Unless special ordered for a customer, I don’t only wear the panties after someone has chosen them. They’re my everyday wear panties. So naturally I pick styles that I love.

I get excited about wearing them for you naughty panty boys as well though! When I’m wearing a pretty pair for a friend and those naughty thoughts come whenever they may pop up and make my pussy wet, it’s all the more exciting knowing that those lovely juices won’t go to waste.

New panties also means new stuff to wear in my videos and on cam! I love shaking my ass in a sexy new pair for my fans, or showing them off in a fetish clip, custom video or cam show.

Feels so nice to have a drawer full of sexy new panties right now and can’t wait to dirty them all up!


Free Cam Show Giveaway Next Week!

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I will be giving away a 15 minute Skype cam show next week! Entries will be accepted Monday January 23rd through Sunday January 29th.  The blog post with the entry form will be posted on my other site, RoselynnLocks.com, Monday.  There will be several different (very easy) ways to enter.  Some you will be able to do daily and one will count as more entries than the others. Full details will be given in the giveaway post on Monday. Don’t miss out on a chance for a free cam show with yours truly!


My First Worn Panty Cam Show

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Up until just recently I hadn’t been able to witness any of my customers enjoying my used panties, I’d just heard their (hot) stories. I was very excited when a cam customer of mine told me that he wanted to buy some panties from me and incorporate them into our shows. He wanted a white thong. I love dirtying up white panties they’re the best. The plan was to wear the panties for a full day, have a show with me rubbing them up real good at the end of that day for him, then when he got them we’d do another show while he played with my panties and I played with myself. This is just what we did.

I put the panties on in the evening, wore them throughout the day, and we played that night. They got nice and wet and fragrant for him and I came hard that night thinking about how fun our next show would be. I sent them off the next day and when he received them he contacted me. We set up a show for that night. He couldn’t wait to taste mem. I wasn’t able to see him during this show (although I was dying to), but I could hear him. I bent over and fingered my pussy for him and he told me how much he loved the panties. I could hear him sucking them clean and it turned me on so much. He said he couldn’t believe how good my pussy tasted.  Needless to say, I came hard again!  It was an awesome experience and I can’t wait until it happens once more.

Sound like a good time to you?  Pick out some panties and get in touch with me. 😉


No Wait On Panties! Want some for free?


For the first time in quite a while there’s no wait for my worn panties! Good time to grab some for yourself. Check out what I have available in my store. My favorite panty is still on sale for $30. I’ve also listed a few new ebanned auctions today.

Want a pair of my sticky sweet panties for free? That’s just what you can get if you sign up on my favorite cam site, Streamate (be sure to use that link). There’s no charge to join and I get a nice little kick back for your sign up. The panties are my thanks to you! You’ll just need to pay for shipping and any extra wear time or goodies like custom videos, pics, or panty cam shows. Contact me after you sign up to let me know which panties you’d like!


Peek Into My Panty Drawer

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I thought you all might to take a look at where I keep my lingerie. It’s a pretty messy place for someone who’s not a messy person! I keep my normal daily wear type stuff on the left side, including the panties that I have for sale in my store. There are some socks and other miscellaneous things on that side as well. On the right side are the outfits and lingerie that I save for camming, aside from a few bras that i wear out on special occasions. It works for me but it’s not ideal. Makes it kinda hard to find my favorite stuff! I shall soon find a better arrangement for my pretty underthings, but in the meantime, peek into that place where I keep all of those naughty garments.

I feel like I’ve something so intimate! Your panty drawer is not something you usually share with the world. Fun stuff 🙂

Enjoy the weekend!! I’ve got 3 auctions ending on ebanned today. Check them out!



Like Cam Shows?

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I don’t talk too much about my camming on this site, because I have whole other site devoted to that. I wanted to mention it here though in case I had visitors here that didn’t realize I am a cam girl. I offer private cam shows on Skype, Yahoo, & MSN. You can find out how to get that type of show here. I also cam from several different networks. Mainly Streamate & AdultWork.

I’m not too shy to do panty related shows like panty stuffing, licking, or any other type of panty show that would get you going. For the most personalized shows it’s best to talk to me before hand to set up a Skype show. I also offer the option to give cam shows with the panties that my customers buy from me. You can watch me dirty up my undies live for you!

My normal schedule is Monday through Thursday & Saturday nights 11pm to 3am EST. If I know ahead of time that my schedule is going to be different for the week I usually update on Twitter or my blog.

Don’t be shy, if you want to have some fun with  me let me know!


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