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Hurricane Time

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Fuckin’ Sandy! I wish I could make a longer post but this is just a short one for now (while the lights are still on). Just wanted to let you all know that I’m in Frankenstorm’s path and things are just starting to pick up here. I haven’t wanted to say it out loud but I’m anticipating being without power which means no cam. I’m humbly asking you to help me (and help yourselves out at the same time) by taking advantage of my other means of income such as used panties (just added 22 new pair to the store), videos and pics on MyGirlFund, Clips4Sale, ExtraLunchMoney; My membership site on Shakinit.com.

I’ve created a phone sex only line on NiteFlirt that I can use if the power’s out but that has to be approved first. It’s still pending. Keep an eye out for it here.

You can also send tributes out of the kindness of your heart on MyGirlFund, NiteFlirt, Clips4Sale or to my email address (roselynnlocks@gmail.com) on Payoneer (no payoneer account needed). Or hell you could even buy me something from my wishlist that is related to me moving. I’ve added a lot of household stuff and that would be greatly appreciated.

I will have my phone and will be tweeting updates. You can also contact me through email. I really appreciate you guys helping out. You always come through.

As you can see from the pic below… I’m about as prepared as I possibly could be. 🙂


New Chastity Fetish Video

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I just added a chastity/keyholder fetish clip to both Clips4Sale and MyGirlFund.  I’ve got you locked up in a device and I’m not sure just yet when I’m going to let you out. Until I give you this key there’s nothing you can do about how turned on you get when I tease you. I love it! The clip is 4 minutes long. Check it and my many other fetish clips available!

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Yet Another Favorite Pair Discount! And New Fainting Fetish Clips.


You boys like some discounted worn panties don’t ya? Time to list a new pair. Last one has been bought! The next one up for grabs for $10 off is my pink satin and mesh back panty. These are so pretty, sexy and girly. I was wearing them last night while giving a panty cam show to a fan and was like “These are so cute!”. I love wearing them. Can’t wait to get them nice and messy for a lucky panty boy! Get a better look at these and all of my other panties for sale in my panty store.

I’ve also added a couple new fainting fetish clips to my Clips4Sale store. One of them is also an upskirt clip. They are being enjoyed by the fetishists as well. I really like doing clips that have a bit of a story line that I get to act out, and I’ve got some very creative fans that give me ideas in order to do so. Give my clips store a look and see if there’s something that strikes your fancy. If not I’d love to make a custom clip for you. Just contact me and let me know! Here’s a screen shot from “The Club”.


New Fetish Clips!

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I’ve added two new fetish clips to my Clips4Sale store that I know a lot of you will love.

The first is Schoolgirl Faint Upskirt. I’m wearing my sexy school girl outfit and checking my grades. I can’t believe I’ve gotten a B! My parents are going to kill me! I freak out and faint a few times and each time I do you can see up my little skirt to my sexy white panties. 5 minutes, $5.99.

The next is Hair Washing In Shower. I took a video of myself washing my hair in the shower the other day. I’m naked in it of course! I lather up, rinse, repeat, and condition for you. 🙂 8 minutes, $12.99.

Check out these and my many other kinky clips on Clips4Sale. Have a fetish but don’t see any videos that cater to it? I’d love to make a custom for you! Contact me to discuss.

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Love Getting New Panties!

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I’m always excited about getting a new batch of panties for my store for basically one reason… I get to wear them! Unless special ordered for a customer, I don’t only wear the panties after someone has chosen them. They’re my everyday wear panties. So naturally I pick styles that I love.

I get excited about wearing them for you naughty panty boys as well though! When I’m wearing a pretty pair for a friend and those naughty thoughts come whenever they may pop up and make my pussy wet, it’s all the more exciting knowing that those lovely juices won’t go to waste.

New panties also means new stuff to wear in my videos and on cam! I love shaking my ass in a sexy new pair for my fans, or showing them off in a fetish clip, custom video or cam show.

Feels so nice to have a drawer full of sexy new panties right now and can’t wait to dirty them all up!


New Panties On The Way! New Sexy Maid Content.

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Due to a generous contribution from one of my best customers this week I was able to order a boat load of new panties finally!! I’ve got 20 sexy new pair on the way. A nice variety from my favorite Victoria’s Secret. There are some legit satin ones included for those of you who have been holding out for that and plenty more silky pair as well as some cotton/lace. I got them all: thongs, g-strings, bikinis, cheekys, and probably some other style I can’t think of haha!! Looking forward to them arriving. I’ll post again when they’re available in my store! Now I won’t have to wear Christmas panties on laundry day anymore!

Last night I shot a video a little different from what I normally shoot. My fetish clips store doesn’t have many sub type clips in it, but by request last night I made a pouty maid video. I’ve been bad and my punishment is scrubbing the bathroom floor and toilet with a toothbrush. I pout a lot and complain and am so grossed out when my hair falls into the toilet water! I’m wearing my french maid costume of course and have on black bikinis underneath. There are 3 points of view in the video and lots of upskirts. Fun stuff! You can download it from my Clips4Sale store. Here are some shots from it:



New Long Hair Fetish Content!

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Just shot some new long hair videos last night for my Clips4Sale store:

Long Hair Washing- 11 minutes long and available now for $11.99. I lather up and rinse twice then condition my long locks over the kitchen sink.

Wet Hair Brushing Over Face- 4 Minutes long and available tomorrow (6/15) for $4.99. By request, after I washed my hair I brushed all the tangles out then proceeded to brush my long, red, wet hair over my face.

Check out these and my many other fetish clips listed in my clips store, and feel free to contact me with your clip requests!

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