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Holiday Lingerie Added!

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I’ve just added some holiday themed lingerie to my store! Two pair of panties, some candy cane stockings, and some Christmas tree socks are available for you guys now. Been wondering what to get yourself for Christmas? Worn goodies from Roselynn are the best treat. Get yourself some!


Pantyhose Video

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I made a sexy video of me dancing in my pantyhose. I hope you like it! If you’d like a pair of my well worn pantyhose, they’re right at your fingertips.

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New Lingerie Added!

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I have just added some new lingerie to my store.  For the first time I’m offering bra/panty sets, and I’ve also got some stockings and a hot garter skirt with attached panty available. Check it out!




New Items Available Soon!

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In a previous post  I talked about how I was thinking of adding more items for sale.  Well I went through my lingerie/sock collection and found lots of stockings/knee highs as well as socks, bra/panty sets, and old favorite panties that I’m ready to let go of.  I will be listing some of these items on my site and some of them on ebanned. Be sure to check back! I’ll post a blog when new things are listed also.  I took all of the pictures last night so I just need to get them edited and put my offers up!

I’ve also joined a new site where I’m uploading my videos/pic sets/fetish clips that you can download them from whenever you like! It’s called ExtraLunchMoney. Check it out. I’m still working on uploading but I’ve got a good amount of stuff there already.

Here’s one of the bra/panty sets I’ll be offering!!



Happy Thong Thursday!

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Happy Thong Thursday!! Here are some sexy thong pics for all you panty boys.

And also, for the worn pantyhose lovers, I’ve got some available again in suntan and jet black. Check my store.


Thinking of Offering More Things


I was digging through my sock drawer last night and saw that I have several pairs of socks/knee high stockings that I could list in my store.  I didn’t start out offering these types of things, because there didn’t seem to be much interest.  Orders have really picked up recently though and there’s been a lot of interest in my worn pantyhose (which I should be adding more of soon).  I think I’d like to branch out and start offering other things as well.  I’ve also got several pairs of thigh high stockings that I’ve worn out and would be happy to wear one last time and send off.  I think I’ll list those as well! Keep an eye out for new goodies, and if you have suggestions of what else I should offer (i.e. you want something from me that you haven’t seen), contact me and let me know!


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