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Hurricane Time

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Fuckin’ Sandy! I wish I could make a longer post but this is just a short one for now (while the lights are still on). Just wanted to let you all know that I’m in Frankenstorm’s path and things are just starting to pick up here. I haven’t wanted to say it out loud but I’m anticipating being without power which means no cam. I’m humbly asking you to help me (and help yourselves out at the same time) by taking advantage of my other means of income such as used panties (just added 22 new pair to the store), videos and pics on MyGirlFund, Clips4Sale, ExtraLunchMoney; My membership site on Shakinit.com.

I’ve created a phone sex only line on NiteFlirt that I can use if the power’s out but that has to be approved first. It’s still pending. Keep an eye out for it here.

You can also send tributes out of the kindness of your heart on MyGirlFund, NiteFlirt, Clips4Sale or to my email address (roselynnlocks@gmail.com) on Payoneer (no payoneer account needed). Or hell you could even buy me something from my wishlist that is related to me moving. I’ve added a lot of household stuff and that would be greatly appreciated.

I will have my phone and will be tweeting updates. You can also contact me through email. I really appreciate you guys helping out. You always come through.

As you can see from the pic below… I’m about as prepared as I possibly could be. 🙂


New Panties On The Way Yay!

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I haven’t blogged in so long! Have been so stupid busy with school and life, and haven’t really had any cool panty stuff to talk about, but I do now. I just ordered 22 new pairs of Victoria’s Secret panties and they’ll be hear soon. I got a mix of thongs and other styles. So many different colors and prints. It will be a fine day when then arrive. I’ll have them up in the store ASAP.

I’ve also gotten a sexy Halloween costume. I’ll be shooting some pics and videos in it this weekend so keep an eye out for that. It’s a sexy chef costume. Very fitting for a horny culinary student right?

Hope you all are doing well!


Not a Big Fan of Bras

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I thought I’d make a post about this because it’s something I kind of struggle with in my personal life. I hate casually wearing bras! On a normal day when I’m not going to some type of event that requires me to dress up, I’m completely against wearing one. Not only are they uncomfortable, but I’ve gotten used to the way my boobs look without a bra that it just looks silly wearing one to me. It’s funny because long long ago it used to be the opposite. I would feel self conscious if I wasn’t wearing a bra. Like everyone would see and think I look trashy or something. Nowadays I couldn’t care less about that. I worry people will see that I’m wearing a bra and think that I’m trying to make my boobs look bigger/more perky! I’ve got natural 36D’s so I’m certainly not in need of any enhancement. Most of the bras I put on seem to make my boobs look rounder and higher up. I guess I just much prefer my natural shape.

My nipples aren’t always poking out so that’s not a problem for me. I could see how women with more pronounced nipples would need to wear something every day. But that’s something else. Why are we so afraid of seeing nipples?

I really haven’t had to wear bras for a while other than while I’m camming or making videos, which I actually enjoy. They don’t bother me when I’m half naked and trying to look sexy. I was asked to be a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding and the dresses she liked were strapless so I knew I was going to have to invest in a bra, and a strapless one at that. I ended up getting a really nice bra from Victoria’s Secret and it was not a push up and lightly lined so I thought I might be able to wear it just casually, but it gives me that rounded lifted (not my boobs) look so I was kind of disappointed by that. Now that I’m starting school and have to wear a white t-shirt under my chef uniform I knew I was going to need another so I got one. It’s actually slightly better as far as sticking with my natural shape but only slightly. And it’s still uncomfortable! I’ll be wearing the damn thing pretty often though.

I wonder if I’ll ever be okay with wearing a bra every day again. I mean, I used to do it back when I had office jobs. Maybe the world will evolve with me and bras won’t be such an expected casual garment. We’ll see I guess.

Ladies and gents, what is your opinion on bras?

And here’s an obligatory bra pic. Happy Titty Tuesday!


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Panties Pay For School!

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I’m starting classes next month which I’m very excited and nervous about! I’ll be studying culinary arts which is perfect for me because I love to cook. I haven’t been to school in about 10 years so it’s a little stressful! I know I’ll do well though, because it really is something that I want to do. It’s just going to be a big adjustment.

My first semester is going to be pretty damn expensive. On top of tuition and books I have to buy a uniform, shoes, and tool kit. I’ve gotta get the uniform and shoes before financial aid kicks in which blows because I’m broke as shit right now! My uniform actually has to be ordered in the next two weeks because they customize them and it takes a couple weeks for them to arrive. They won’t let me in the kitchen without my full uniform. Why am I telling you all of this you ask? Because buying my yummy used panties can help of course! Ordering panties from me through Payoneer is super helpful, because a couple days later the money is loaded on my card and I can just use that to order my stuff. Buying my panties is now for an even greater cause. 😉 So check out what I’ve got in my store and help fund the education of a sexy redhead who loves to cook.

I’ve also added the shoes I need to my wishlist. These babies will last me at least a couple years and if you were to buy them your generosity would not go unrewarded! It would put the biggest smile on my face.

Love all you panty boys. <3


Love Getting New Panties!

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I’m always excited about getting a new batch of panties for my store for basically one reason… I get to wear them! Unless special ordered for a customer, I don’t only wear the panties after someone has chosen them. They’re my everyday wear panties. So naturally I pick styles that I love.

I get excited about wearing them for you naughty panty boys as well though! When I’m wearing a pretty pair for a friend and those naughty thoughts come whenever they may pop up and make my pussy wet, it’s all the more exciting knowing that those lovely juices won’t go to waste.

New panties also means new stuff to wear in my videos and on cam! I love shaking my ass in a sexy new pair for my fans, or showing them off in a fetish clip, custom video or cam show.

Feels so nice to have a drawer full of sexy new panties right now and can’t wait to dirty them all up!


I’m Still Here!

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I haven’t blogged in quite some time but I’ve been around. Had a tough few weeks. First I had a falling out with a friend which was quite unpleasant. Soon after I got back on my feet from that another good friend of mind went missing for a week. This was awful. You always hear about people missing on the news and what not but you never quite understand how terrible it is until it happens to someone you know. Unfortunately the search for him ended in finding that he had passed away. He was very dear to me and I took it very hard. Finished up all the services the end of last week and had a nice emotional blowout over the weekend so I’m mostly back to normal this week. Have been camming and all. Still taking panty orders of course. Just wanted to let you all know that I haven’t gone anywhere!

My panty inventory is actually getting pretty low I will need to buy some again soon! New orders will help out with that since I hardly made any money during my slump, blech. Good and bad thing about working for yourself through a tough time I suppose.

I have a trip this weekend! I’ll going to another Radiohead show and I’m super duper excited about this!! If you’d like to help me out with the cost which would be much appreciated you can order a pair of panties or contribute to me on MyGirlFund. I have lots of content there and also love to do customs.

Here’s a fun pic I took last night while in a balloon fetish cam show. 🙂


New Panties Are Here!

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I ordered about 16 new pairs of panties from Victoria’s Secret Sunday and they arrived yesterday! I took pics in them last night and will have them up in the store soon. By the end of this weekend definitely. I got a lot of pretty stuff. Just a handful of thongs though (4 I think). I was a little tipsy while ordering them. I also ordered two pair that were $18.50 a piece and two that are backordered (I need to never be drunk while panty shopping again, lol). They’re all super cute though. I’m washing the new panty smell out of them now. Here’s a taste. Keep an eye out for more panties in my store soon. I’ll announce on Twitter when I’ve added them.


Thank You!! New Panty/Pantyhose Videos Available. New Panties Soon!

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It’s a little late but I wanted to thank everyone who entered my giveaway. It was a great sucess. The winner chose a pair of my suntan pantyhose. Lucky guy. 🙂

I haven’t been able to post until now (and this is admittedly a rushed post, I apologize), because I was out of town seeing Radiohead!! I had such a good time. The show was of course fantastic. The part of Atlanta I stayed in was great. It was a nice little mini vacation and the whole thing went wonderfully. Got back home and learned on Monday that they announced northeast dates!! So I’m planning to see them again this summer. Missed out on the presale this morning though which blows. Hoping to God I don’t get shut out of the Ticketmaster sale. But where there’s a will there’s a way. I’ll get some more godamn tickets somehow!

You guys have been buying up my panties like crazy I appreciate it very much! Inventory has gotten low in my store so I plan to order some more probably this weekend.

Last night I shot two fetish videos that I know pretty much everyone who visits this site would appreciate so I wanted to let you know about them.

  • One is a ‘Private Panty Show’ video. It’s about 10 minutes of footage of me changing in and out of several different pairs of panties. Lots of pretty pussy and ass shots.
  • The other is a pantyhose roleplay. 7 minutes I believe. I’m sitting at my desk (yeah it’s really my couch) in my blouse skirt and suntan pantyhose when I notice you admiring my legs. I begin to tease you then realize that my pantyhose a quite wrinkled and in need of an adjustment. So I work out all of the wrinkles in my hose in both legs from toe to panty while you watch.

Right now you can find both of these videos in my Clips4Sale store. When I have time (when will I?) I plan to get them up on MyGirlFund also, and the Panty Show one will be added to my Shakinit site as well. I’ve got 88 premium videos up on Shakinit now! If you haven’t become a member you definitely need too. At least check out my sexy teasers!!

I think that covers just about everything right now. Keep an eye out for new panties!! Love you all!



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Hey guys. Not too much to blog about today. It’s 2012 now. Happy New Year! I’ve had a good feeling about this year for a while now. It’s been good so far besides the terrible hangover I had all New Year’s Day.

I was listening to a song last night that I’ve listened to plenty of times before: Cactus by Pixies. This song kind of took on a new meaning to me once I entered the world of used clothing fetish. He says things like “Get your dress all wet and send it to me.”  For those of you that haven’t heard it before here’s the video. Give it a listen. After hearing it last night I figured I’d share it with you guys today.

YouTube Preview Image



It’s Good To Be Spoiled

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Occassionally a customer or fan will be me gifts off of my wishlist, and this is always an awesome surprise. Who doesn’t like getting gifts right? I’ll either know it’s on the way and it will be like waiting for Christmas, or a package will show up at my door unexpected and I’m like a giddy little kid opening it up. I’ve also decided recently that every time someone pays me with an Amazon gift card I should just buy things from my wishlist with it, because I deserve it for the hard work. I’ve been able to get quite a few nice things recently.  I bought myself a pair of nice hiking shoes for my hiking trip tomorrow (which I’m super duper excited about). I also got some new sneakers, the ones in the picture below. They’re pink and brown even though they look white and brown in the pic. I needed new sneakers badly! My other goodies I got this week include a big solid granite mortar and pestle, several copies of my favorite comic, American Splendor, all in good shape, one like new, and some new jewelry!

I always put other things like bills and what not first. I guess that’s the definition of being responsible, but it’s easy to forget to treat yourself. I’m thankful to have a job that allows me to splurge now and again while still taking care of business.