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Instant Panties Available! $35- SOLD

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These panties are available for purchase with no wait time! They are #248 in my store.  A VS white cotton bikini.  I wore them for two days from 2/4 to 2/6.  They are very pleasantly scented and pussy stained.

Available now for $35 plus shipping. Grab them while you can! Contact me to order.

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New Panties Added to My Store!

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It took what felt like FOREVER but I finally got a whole new crop of 26 lovely Victoria’s Secret panties and added them to my store.  Feels so good to once again have a drawer full of brand new undies!!  Check them out and let me know which ones I’ll be wearing for you!  Here are a few of my favs!

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Happy Monday! Panty Suggestions?

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I hope everyone’s week has started off well.  Here’s some bootyshaking for yas.

I’ve got about 11 pairs of panties ready to be worn in my panty store right now. Will be buying more soon. Have a request for a certain type of panty you want me to buy or even a specific link to a panty online? Feel free to leave it in the comments so I can order it when I get my next bunch. Keep in mind also that I’ll special order a panty for you any time you want, you don’t have to wait for me to buy a whole crop of new ones.


Happy Monday! Like Long Socks?

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I’ve added a few more videos videos to Shakinit in the past week.  I have over 200 videos on there now! One of the vids I shot is in my new thigh high cable knit socks.  I know some of you are long sock lovers so I wanted to post the video here for your viewing pleasure.  I’m thinking of doing a fetish video in them tonight. Perhaps a jerk off instruction one? What do you think?


Back At It

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It’s that time again. Fall semester is about to start up on Wednesday.  I went and got my shiny new books today and ordered a new chef coat.  I’m pretty excited about classes but also nervous about being so busy once again.  Gotta keep my eyes on the prize!  If I stick to the schedule I’m planning to with school I should be all finished winter of 2014… man that will be nice!

I’ve had a pretty decent break from school.  Did a lot of sleeping and slacking off from work, but I also had some good times with friends and family.

So much change in the past 4 months, but it’s been good.

My camming schedule will be changing slightly.  I’ll post it on my other site later this week.  Still taking panty orders as always.  I’m wearing a pair of white cotton panties for one of my best customers at the moment.  It’s a 3 day order… they’re always the best 🙂

Hope everyone has a great week! Wish me luck on my return to school!

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New Panties in My Store!

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I’ve just added 19 new pair of panties to my worn panties store. Check out the sexy pics and contact me to let me know which panties you’d like me to dirty up for you. Can’t wait to wear them all!

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New Panties on the Way!

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I’ve ordered 19 new pair of panties from Victoria’s Secret to add to my panty store!  I got faster shipping on them so I should be receiving them early in the week.  I will be listing them as soon as possible!  I got the usual mix of thongs, fulbacks, cotton and some silky ones.  I love them all as usual and am excited to have a bunch of new ones to wear! I’ll make another post soon when they have been added.


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A Quick Hello!!

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I swear this semester is kicking my ass!! I hardly ever have time to blog anymore but I always want to! So here I am before I do some homework giving you guys a quick hello. I hope everyone’s summer has starting off well! I’m going to make it a point to enjoy the season even though I’ll be working my ass off.

Here are some sexy pics I took the other night in one of my favorite pairs of panties in my panty store. Enjoy!

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Vote for Me in the Panty Trust Awards!

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I’m entered in the Panty Trust Awards and this week is best thong pic week.  I entered the pic below.  Please visit this link to vote for me in the poll! You can vote every 30 minutes!!

I appreciate the support very much. Thank you!!

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Temporarily Accepting Victoria’s Secret Gift Cards for Used Panties

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Hey guys!! Inventory in my panty store is a little low but there is still some really cute stuff in there.  It’s about time I stocked up with more sexy panties but I’m broke from the move so I thought an easy way to raise some money for panties would be to take Victoria’s Secret Gift Cards emailed to me as payment!  So check out what I’ve got and let me know which panties you’d like me to dirty up for you.  It’d be much appreciated!

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