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Feet Friday on MyGirlFund

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For a while now I’ve been participating in Titty Tuesday and Thong Thursday on both Twitter and MyGirlFund. Per customer request, I started having Feet Friday on MGF. It’s been a hit! I usually do 1 paid message ($1) for 3 hot feet pics, but today I’m feeling extra generous and am offering a self toe sucking/sole licking vid for just $5!

If you haven’t yet signed up for MGF, you can get a free video or nude pics from me just for doing so! Go to my profile, click sign up at the top and create a free account, then message me the code ‘Rosie’s Panties’ for pics or ‘Tease Me’ for a vid!!

Hope you all have a great weekend 🙂 I’ve got two auctions on ebanned that will be ending Sunday, and still a nice selection of panties in my store that are going pretty quickly! Contact me if you’d like to order a pair.


Favorite Panty Discount!


I’ve decided to start offering favorite panty specials for the panties that I absolutely love and can’t wait for someone to enjoy! So here is the first pair I’ll be offering for a special discounted price of $30. Price will be good until the panties are sold! I think these panties are so cute and while I’ll be kind of sad to see them go, I can’t help but get horny thinking about you playing with them after I’ve soaked them in my sweet juices. Get them before someone else does!

Also I’m pleased to announce that I now accept cash/money orders for panty orders! More details on this and more pics of these panties located in my store.

#017 Blue Pink & Brown Striped Boyshort with bow detail only $30!!



Happy Beltane! What Else Would you Like Me to Offer?

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Today is a special day. It’s the pagan holiday, Beltane. One of the many things Beltane is, is a time to celebrate the goddess, or the feminine. Last year, around March, when I was preparing to celebrate Beltane and doing some reading, I read some things that inspired me to try out something new that I had never considered trying before, being an adult entertainer. After much research and debate I decided to become a cam girl. My first night was May 11th. So now here I am almost 1 year later, feeling festive and nostalgic, reflecting. Funny that this year I’m actually just as excited to try something else new that will expand my means of expressing my inner goddess.  I’ve decided to get into burlesque. Got my stage named picked out and everything! I wanted to do this last year as well but I’ve discovered there a many more avenues in my area for me to do so now. So yes, Happy Beltane! I hope those of you out there that celebrate are enjoying yourselves. It’s been a good one so far!

So we’ve established that you love my worn panties. I wanted to reach out and get your opinions on anything else you’d like to see me offer. Maybe you like worn socks or stockings. I certainly have some of these I could list. Maybe you like bra/panty sets? Perhaps another fetish item? You may expect me to think what you like is strange, but I’m a very open-minded gal so don’t be shy! I’d love to hear your suggestions. I’m here to please you guys 🙂

Leave a comment on this post, or if you’d like to tell me privately what you would like me to offer, use the contact form to send me an email.

Now here’s some thong goodness for ya. As of right now, this thong is still available for sale!


New Panty Tease Video & New Panties In Store!

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I just uploaded a video to my brand new YouTube channel of me modeling all of the new panties I have for sale! Check it out & be sure to subscribe to me channel and friend me! There will be lots more vids to come. 🙂

Any of these panties could be yours (let me wear them first though, haha!). Check out my store and my ebanned auctions!

YouTube Preview Image more...

Worn Silk Panties, Anyone?

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I was browsing panties online yesterday and came across these awesome silk panties made by narasilk. They’ve got some really pretty stuff and I’d love to have an excuse to wear such luxurious undies! I bet they would feel so good to wear and get nice and wet!  Anyone want some worn silk panties from me? 🙂 Here are a couple of my favorites, but I’d let you pick the style of course. They have all kinds. Contact me!

For you ebanned lovers, I put some panties up for auction last night. You can check them out and bid here. I’m impatiently awaiting a package full of panties from Vicky’s Secret. As soon as they get here I’ll be restocking my store. For now, be sure to check it out and see if there’s anything you like.



I Enjoy Selling My Worn Panties

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I’ve gotten requests for my used panties since I started camming, but I didn’t sell my first pair until fairly recently. It was to a customer whom I had already become friends with. I made a custom video for him of me getting the panties nice and juicy just the way he wanted, then sealing them up to send off to him. I very much enjoyed the thought of him being aroused by the scent of my soiled panties and was eager to hear from them that they had arrived. When he told me how intense it was for him to watch the video I had made just for him while inhaling my sweet aroma, I got so turned on. That really made it worthwhile for me and I was hooked!

It’s  a rush the first time a customer contacts me for sale. It’s the beginning of a totally naughty encounter like no other. You can have this intimate physical experience with a complete stranger who you’ll never meet, and who could be potentially on the other side of the world. It’s very kinky. Discussing how the panties will be prepared and what naughty pics and/or videos may come along with them is hot. I love thinking about carrying it all out. I love to please!

And wearing the panties I’m going to be sending to a customer is very erotic. I often think about the person I’m wearing them for, and every time I cum in them I tickled by how I’m making them that much more yummy for them.

Needless to say this is my new vice. My name is Roselynn Locks, and I’m a panty addict.

I’m looking forward to you making that first connection with me. My panties and I are waiting for you.