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Panty Show Vid!

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Here’s a video that I made last week after getting all of my new panties. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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Happy Titty Tuesday!

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Just came across this video on the interwebz.  It kinda made me laugh but it’s got lots of nice boobies in it. Happy Titty Tuesday! Oh yeah!

**Update 1/18**

I think they took the video down ’cause of the boobies (lame). So here are mine!!

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Have You Joined My Site Yet?

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My Shakinit members site has been live for almost a month now! I’ve been adding content weekly and having a blast with it. I’ve got 39 members only videos, and 42 public videos/teasers. I’m adding two more today that I shot last night! The videos consist of vlogs, dancing/bootyshaking, and masturbation videos. I can’t stress enough how much I appreciate video suggestions. The more ideas I get the more content I can add. It’s great for everyone!

So join up for new content weekly. It’s a steal. 🙂

Here’s a video I shot last night for the fun of it. I love playing dress up.

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Pantyhose Video

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I made a sexy video of me dancing in my pantyhose. I hope you like it! If you’d like a pair of my well worn pantyhose, they’re right at your fingertips.

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Hey, Ebanned Lovers!

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I’ve got some yummy stuff listed on ebanned right now and wanted to let you know about it. First of all I’ve got a ridiculous deal on all 14 of my HD videos here. Starting bid is $75 and the auction ends Sunday. It’s dutch so 5 lucky bidders could get my videos for super cheap! The starting bid is $25 less than my special I have going for direct sale of my videos right now.

I’ve also got 3 of my available pairs of panties listed here. If you like sweaty panties now is a great time to get them! I’ve been roasting in the heat down here. Starting bid on each pair of panties is $30 ($10 less than direct sale), or you can do the buy it now option for $40. That price includes up to 48 hour wear and masturbated into if you like. Those auctions are ending on different days: tomorrow, the 31st & the 2nd.

If ebanned isn’t your thing then you can still choose from the panties in my panty store or check out my videos on my main site and get in on my special that way!



New Panties Are Here!

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Yup, that’s a box full of brand new panties! This is what I like to call panty heaven. I’m so excited when I get new panties. I can’t wait to bust into those packages and try them on!

Whenever I get brand new undies to wear and sell I always wash them to get rid of that ‘new panty smell’. And they also get worn normally before they’re ordered. There’s simply no way I could have all of those pretty panties in my drawer and resist wearing them!

There are about 14 pairs of panties in that box and I’ve got another I picked up at the store the other night that I’ll be offering. Tonight I’m taking pictures in all of them and as soon as those pics are edited I’ll be adding them to my store and some to ebanned as well, maybe even as soon as tomorrow. I will certainly keep you all posted! If you have any questions in the meantime about my panties or any other items you’re interested feel free to contact me.

Also, I recently did a video interview for The Elm Avenue Show. I’ve posted the vid on my other website, RoselynnLocks.com. You can check in out here. I had a lot of fun during and it’s cool little glimpse into my personality and how I got started in the Adult biz.


New Panty Tease Video & New Panties In Store!

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I just uploaded a video to my brand new YouTube channel of me modeling all of the new panties I have for sale! Check it out & be sure to subscribe to me channel and friend me! There will be lots more vids to come. 🙂

Any of these panties could be yours (let me wear them first though, haha!). Check out my store and my ebanned auctions!

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