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Count me in as a RETURNING customer from Denmark. I´ve never ever experienced a better service and professionalism! Roselynn has been so easy to communicate with and has sent follow-up mails regarding arrival of package etc! And now to the order. I ordered a video of Roselynn, where I could watch her beautiful body, especially her sexy ass and i got a lot more than I bargained for - she´s so hot! Beside the vid I ordered a pair of pee panties and they´re perfect. Some might say: "yack, what a strange pervert", and I´ll reply: so what. The smell of Roselynns pussy combined with the faint smell of her pee makes me go wild! I´ll be back for more for sure. A+++++++++++++ from Denmark;)
Ole Nielsen, Denmark

Received Roselynn's panties about two weeks after I ordered them. They came in an envelope, they are are so small. Anyway they are simply wonderful, sexy and smell wonderful. They definitely make me horny and I might be buying more!

Hi Roselynn, I just wanted to say thank you for the the panties that I purchased on your awesome site. You have an awesome selection. Your panties are the best and you are beautiful.

Roselynn is an absolute sweetheart!! Her panties are the best and orgasmic and why not from a very beautiful lady with her heavenly panties.
W. Hall

Hello, Roselynn is the BEST!! She did a custom video for me and it definitely exceeded my expectations . The panties came exactly when she said they would. I recommend her to anyone. Now I am an often returning customer.

I have purchased quite a few pairs of panties in my time, and I have to say that there is nobody that beats Roselynn! She is a joy to talk to, was very receptive to all of my requests, and she made sure that I got exactly what I wanted. She packaged her panties very well, and shipped them so fast, that when I received them, it was as if she had just taken them off and handed them right to me! I also made the brilliant decision to have her create a custom video along with the panties, and the combination of seeing her, hearing her voice and smelling the scent of her panties was very intense! I cannot imagine a better experience than what she provided. Thank you so much for helping me make my panty fantasies a reality!

This is a bit late, because i ordered some of Roselynns panties a couple of months ago. I moved shortly after recieving them, and did not put anything on here showing my appreciation. The pairs that i got were just as good as the first. Roselynn, you\'re a beautiful woman, and i will continue to be a customer of yours for some time!The panties were absolutly perfect, and smelled so good. I could hardly contain myself, and i cant wait to get more!

I am so happy to have found Roselynn Locks and her offer of her worn panties. She is as real as the girl next door, or across the hall or maybe that girl at work you would just love to get a little closer to. Go ahead, ask Rosie for her panties, ask her to wiggle in them and slowly take them off for the camera. She will! and she does it so well. Rosie has the most beautiful long natural red hair I have ever seen. Long legs, nice ass and what bodacious ta tas. Us guys always have our eyes on the prize and with that I will just leave between Rosie and me. Thank you Rosie, Thank you. I Highly Recommend her panties! She is the best, easy to talk to, smart, funny, and very very sexy. She knows what guys like. She has a natural very girl scent with lots of pheromones that just makes a guy loose it! Rosie is real, her panties and her scent is real. Her service is fast and efficient. Now for Rosie's best asset...her smile, I am so happy with Rosie, now I have that smile too.
nose2the-gusset- task@hand&/

I'm proud to say I'm now the owner of 2 panties from lovely Roselynn. I enjoyed the 2nd pair every bit as much as I enjoyed the 1st. Heavenly scent & taste so delicious, one taste you'll be back for more! They felt so nice when wearing them over my face! Great experience that cums highly recommended! I'll be back for a 3rd soon enough! Thanks!
Kevin aka @pantyaddicted18

Roselynn is an absolute sweetheart!! She is so easygoing and pleasant to talk to...even if it's just for a quick "hello". She does not make you feel like a stranger at all. When I first came across her auctions, I couldn't make up my mind between 2 pairs. So I went ahead and bought both of them (to Roselynn's surprise). And they were WELL worth it. After the auctions were over, Roselynn made up quick videos of her wearing each pair, making sure she slowly & seductively slides them off her tall, slender body. As mentioned by others, she will package them up for you on cam so you know she's not fooling around. When Roselynn's packages arrived, I was not prepared for how heavenly the panties were!! They were explosively orgasmic, and that's the way I like it. I will definitely be looking forward to more auctions from her, and looking forward to her beautiful smile, her beautiful figure, here wonderful charm, and her heavenly panties.

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