What Are Rosie & Her Panties Up To?

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It’s about time I wrote another blog post. Nothing too exciting is going on. Just another week so far. Usually by Tuesday evening I’m so friggin’ excited about whatever I’m doing on the weekend that I can hardly contain myself. I don’t know yet what the weekend holds for me this time though. My friends may be going out of town so I might just be chilling at home on my nights off, which I haven’t done in quite some time so it wouldn’t be a terrible thing. I’ve got some movies on my to watch list that I need to knock off. The Social Network is one of them. I still haven’t watched it but I have the dvd out from Netflix. I plan to take off Monday night for Independence Day and probably go see some fireworks.

Oh and what are my panties up to? Getting nice and sweet for a customer! Don’t you want some for yourself? Check out my store. Like the ones in this pic? They could be yours.

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