Buy Panties So I Can Buy Panties!

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It’s about time for me to buy a new batch of panties and I don’t have much extra cash at the moment. I’m gonna save up the money from my next panty purchases that are paid for through Payoneer so I can get some new pretty stuff.  Wanna help me out? $150 usually is plenty to get a big order of nice Victoria’s Secret panties. I’m addicted to Vicky’s! Send the panty love my way and you’ll be rewarded with the sweet scent and taste of my pussy. I’ve still got some really cute ones in my panty store now for you to choose from.

Thank you, boys!

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  1. Ricardo Nicolas says:

    Dear Roselynn,

    I love those black panties you’re wearing, I’m sure your pussy smells good as well. I love to smell your panty and pussy juice and taste it as well. Stay sexy and keep the pussy smelling good as always.



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