I’ve Always Had a Thing For Panties

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I was thinking the other day how I’ve been sharing my used undies with others for a relatively short time, but I’ve always had a thing for panties. I’ve always enjoyed shopping for them. I love picking them out bringing home lots of new ones. The summer after I graduated high school I had this jean mini skirt (which I still have by the way), and I would always wear my favorite panties under them knowing that at some point someone was going to catch a glimpse at them. I didn’t outwardly flashed people, but if I were say, sitting on the ground and had to get up, I’d be very aware at that moment that someone was going to catch a glimpse under my skirt… and I liked it, hehe.

So now I’ve got this new thing that I do with panties, and it really is a turn on! I’m glad I decided to become a used panty seller. It’s just so naughty and fun. I love letting my customers know when I’m wearing their panties. Just makes it more intimate. Even when we’re not chatting we’ve both got it in the back of our minds, putting smiles on our faces and making us horny!

I’ve definitely always enjoyed panties. I’m sure I’ll find more new ways to continue to for a long time!

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