Not a Big Fan of Bras

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I thought I’d make a post about this because it’s something I kind of struggle with in my personal life. I hate casually wearing bras! On a normal day when I’m not going to some type of event that requires me to dress up, I’m completely against wearing one. Not only are they uncomfortable, but I’ve gotten used to the way my boobs look without a bra that it just looks silly wearing one to me. It’s funny because long long ago it used to be the opposite. I would feel self conscious if I wasn’t wearing a bra. Like everyone would see and think I look trashy or something. Nowadays I couldn’t care less about that. I worry people will see that I’m wearing a bra and think that I’m trying to make my boobs look bigger/more perky! I’ve got natural 36D’s so I’m certainly not in need of any enhancement. Most of the bras I put on seem to make my boobs look rounder and higher up. I guess I just much prefer my natural shape.

My nipples aren’t always poking out so that’s not a problem for me. I could see how women with more pronounced nipples would need to wear something every day. But that’s something else. Why are we so afraid of seeing nipples?

I really haven’t had to wear bras for a while other than while I’m camming or making videos, which I actually enjoy. They don’t bother me when I’m half naked and trying to look sexy. I was asked to be a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding and the dresses she liked were strapless so I knew I was going to have to invest in a bra, and a strapless one at that. I ended up getting a really nice bra from Victoria’s Secret and it was not a push up and lightly lined so I thought I might be able to wear it just casually, but it gives me that rounded lifted (not my boobs) look so I was kind of disappointed by that. Now that I’m starting school and have to wear a white t-shirt under my chef uniform I knew I was going to need another so I got one. It’s actually slightly better as far as sticking with my natural shape but only slightly. And it’s still uncomfortable! I’ll be wearing the damn thing pretty often though.

I wonder if I’ll ever be okay with wearing a bra every day again. I mean, I used to do it back when I had office jobs. Maybe the world will evolve with me and bras won’t be such an expected casual garment. We’ll see I guess.

Ladies and gents, what is your opinion on bras?

And here’s an obligatory bra pic. Happy Titty Tuesday!


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