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My natural scent and wetness vary during different times of the month.  I have a non-musky scent.  The longer I wear the stronger the scent will be.  When I masturbate in your panties it will be a special time.  I make sure I’m very turned on and get those panties super wet for you instead of just pulling an orgasm off super quick.

Only Masturbated In, No Daily Wear – $40

24 Hours:

Worn Only $30

Worn and Masturbated in $60

48 Hours:

Worn Only $40

Worn and Masturbated in $70

72 Hours:

Worn Only $55

Worn and Masturbated in $85.00

**Special Requests Can Be Accomodated Just Ask**

Add a custom video or pic set to your order! We can discuss the pricing.

Add a cam show with your panties- Prices listed here.

I have several means of accepting payment both online and using cash or a money order.  I will discuss these payment options with you when you contact me for your order.  I DO NOT accept PayPal under any circumstances.

I include digital photo verification for free which is a picture of me wearing the garment, holding a sign with your name/alias and the date on it. I can do a simple video verification for $10 extra which will show me wearing the garments, removing them & sealing them up.

Garments are shipped regular mail.

First class shipping within the US is $5.00  Priority (1-3 business days guaranteed and tracking provided) $8.00.  

For international shipments, first class to all countries $8.00.  Priority (6-10 business days guaranteed) to Canada $25 and to all other countries $30.00.  Tracking available with priority mailing to certain countries.

They will be in an unmarked padded envelope or small box, sealed in a zip bag and wrapped in tissue paper.

The panties or other garments are numbered in the pics below for convenience. You can let me know the number(s) of the pair(s) of panties you would like to order when you contact me.

No Refunds.

Available Now!!

Click on Pics to Enlarge

If I don’t have what you’re looking for I’m happy to order it after payment is made.



High Leg Cotton Floral Brief











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56 Responses to “Panty Store!”

  1. Robbo says:

    Now that I have experienced you up close and personal (though the second experience was a no-go as a cam because of the “credit” issue) ( :-0) I would like to send you a money order for a pair of your “succulently-soaked in your jillin’ juices” Blue Thong #VS027. Just let me know where to address the envelope etc. I imagine the M.O. is to be left blank, right? Look forward to hearing from you. When $$$ allow, seeing you again on a cam session. Ciao babe, Robbo

  2. Jimmy says:

    Do you ship panties in a vacuum sealed bag to retain odor???

    Vacuum sealers are prtty cheap on amazon?

  3. Jimmy says:

    or maybe vacuum sealers destroys the odor, idk. but i’d love some odor maybe a ziplock bag 🙂

    • Roselynn says:

      I always have shipped in vacuum sealed bags unless the buyer requests otherwise. The smells are well preserved that way according to my past customers.

  4. Chris says:

    You have an awesome website with the best
    panty selection.

    You’re awesome,

  5. Gentlemen everywhere says:

    Roselynn, you are perfect in your sheer Pantyhose.
    So many of us were shocked to see such a beautiful girl doing such a fantastic job of Modeling them. Your Smooth moves could only be equaled by ‘Audrey Horn’ (Sherilyn Fenn) in Twin Peaks doing her seductive dance in the diner. We are aching to see you in Silky Pantyhose as much as possible. They really showcase & accentuate your lovely body. Keep up the great work.

  6. Ricardo Nicolas says:

    Dear Roselynn,

    I like the new panties that you got this week. It’s hard to chose which ones I like for me to buy. This will make a great Christmas gift for me. Keep up the great work. Take care of yourself. Stay sweet and sexy sweetheart.



  7. wow says:

    Wow!!!! Instant erection! had to masturbate to you and cummed all over my chest..when can I get some panties!!

  8. Keith says:

    Would Love some shiny/satin panties.

  9. Alan says:

    do you come with them

  10. wwap69 says:

    Wow this is what a panty site should look like and be, wonderful panties, wonderful jobs!

  11. Demetrio Gómez says:

    I would like to buy you one thong but used by you first

  12. Ricardo Nicolas says:

    Dear Roselynn,

    I like the new panties that you order. You look very sexy in all of them. The bikini and thongs are the best ones. Wish I could own all of them and smell them as well. You rock Roselynn Locks. The most beautiful girl in the world.



  13. Ricardo Nicolas says:

    Dear Roselynn,

    Are those white bikini panties that you have on, are those for sale? You look very sexy and I like your booty. Sexy.



  14. Ricardo says:

    Dear Roselynn,

    I like the tan bikini that you have on. You look very sexy. Would ever consider selling bikini set soon? This bikini is the best one I’ve seen from you. I would love to smell your bikini panty. You’re very sexy and beautiful in that bikini. Keep those sexy bikini and thongs coming.



  15. Ricardo Nicolas says:

    Dear Roselynn,

    The red g string that you wore for Happy Thong Thrusday, are those g string for sale? You look very beautiful and sexy. Keep being sexy sweetheart.



    • Roselynn says:

      Thanks! No that red g-string is not for sale.

      • Ricardo Nicolas says:

        Dear Roselynn,

        Alright then. Thank you anyway Roselynn that would of been the pair that I wanted to buy from you. I’m sure the red g-string smells really good when you take them off. Thank you Roselynn. Keep being beautiful and sexy. You are a terrific and sexy girl. Take care of yourself.



  16. Ricardo Nicolas says:

    Dear Roselynn,

    I really like the pink cream bikini that you display in your store, I guess you already sold them. I’m pretty sure those smell really good. The purple panties that you’ll wearing for your cam show tonight, are they bikini or thong panties? You look very sexy in them. Will you receiving your new shipment of panties soon? I’m sure they will be very sexy styles of panties and they would make great collection for me. Take care of yourself sweetheart.



    • Roselynn says:

      Yeah the ones I listed in my latest blog post sold already. Not sure when the new ones will be coming in haven’t ordered them just yet.

      • Ricardo Nicolas says:

        Thank you Roselynn, hope you’ll get new panties and thongs soon to sale on your website. Thank you sweetheart. Hugs and kisses. You are a true doll and sweetheart.



  17. Ricardo Nicolas says:

    Dear Roselynn,

    I love all the new panties and thongs that you got have to sell to her fans. My favorite panties and thongs are numbers 167, 166, 165, 161, 159, 158, 157, 156, 155, 153, and 159. These panties and thongs are my best ones that you have in your panty store. I feel that I just went to panty heaven and your sexy and beautiful smile and figure and panties is making me very lucky to know there is a very sweet and sexy girl to keep me happy. Keep up the great work and those sexy panties and thongs cumming. I love you Roselynn Locks.



  18. Ricardo Nicolas says:

    Dear Roselynn,

    The black panties that you were wearing when you posted a picture on the weekend blog, are those number 156? You look very sexy and I like the booty showing in those panties. Stay sexy Roselynn.



  19. Ricardo Nicolas says:

    Dear Roselynn,

    Wow!! I like all the new panties and thongs that you got. Love to own them all and smell your pussy on all of them. Stay sexy.



  20. jared anthony says:

    Hello Roselynn ,I just have a question. Do you do special request , how long will you be willing to wear panties . Lets say for example five day wear , could you run a couple of laps in them, leave ass stain spots in them and also sleep in them.
    Could you perform all this in one panty order ?Let me know we can talk business,
    Im willing to pay fair price for extra activity.

  21. Ricardo Nicolas says:

    Dear Roselynn,

    You new line of panties are the great. These are the possibly the best one yet. I die and went to panty heaven, smelling your sweet pussy and having a hard on all day. Keep up the work sweetheart. You’re amazing.



  22. TJ says:


    How much for a pair of string thongs if you:

    – Dripping with
    your pussyjuice. I mean like soaked with your pussyjuice, hot cum and sweat to the point of
    almost dripping.

    – sweat in them after a long workout or worn for like
    a few days.

    – LOTS of bootysweat, but NO skidmarks.

  23. TJ says:

    actually can you shuv them up your pussy, too. i just really want to taste your pussy sweat and cum. too bad i cant bathe in it tbh.

  24. david says:

    you are gorgeous i wonder if you do custom orders?

  25. Hamed says:

    I bought several panties from different girls, I can honestly say that Roselynn’s panties have stronger pussy odor as the panties are well preserved in sealed bags. She is also good at doing special requests. Roselynn, no one does it better than you.

  26. Joe says:

    Hi Roselynn I just found your site for the first time and I am in love lol. You’re such a beautiful women with lots of personality. P.S you’re so sexy in that blue thong 😉

  27. Joe says:

    have you considered selling a chocolate mold of your pussy.

  28. david says:

    do you still sell panties?

  29. Kori says:

    Do you provide any sort of verification for first time buyers?

  30. Tony says:

    Do you have need free panty giveaways in February?

  31. Sniffwell says:

    I love all of the panties I get from Roselynn. She is always receptive to my special requests. And most important, they smell awesome!

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