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New Sexy Halloween French Maid Video!!

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Trick or Treat?  Treat of course!! For Halloween I made this sexy new French Maid Video titled Horny French Maid Upskirt and Urgent Orgasm.

Here is description:

I begin by running my feather duster across your dirty surfaces while wearing my sexy French maid outfit with no panties underneath.  The very short skirt lets me feel the cool air on my pussy and the slightest bend forward exposes my moistening slit and pretty asshole.  The feeling of my uncovered pussy and your fixed gaze on my wiggling cunt are too much for me to handle.  I bend over further to show off for you and try to do my work but all I can think about it your hard cock pressing against your pants. I decide to lift my skirt and show off for you a bit more then try to get back to my duties. I can’t concentrate on cleaning and have to mount your dining room table, take my big tits out and rub my pussy until I cum for you. The release is such a relief.  

The video is 1080p HD, 8 minutes long and 573MB


You can contact me to purchase it directly or find it on the following sites:

It’s a very hot video and I had a lot of fun making it. I know that you’ll have a lot of fun cumming to it.


Happy Beltane! What Else Would you Like Me to Offer?

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Today is a special day. It’s the pagan holiday, Beltane. One of the many things Beltane is, is a time to celebrate the goddess, or the feminine. Last year, around March, when I was preparing to celebrate Beltane and doing some reading, I read some things that inspired me to try out something new that I had never considered trying before, being an adult entertainer. After much research and debate I decided to become a cam girl. My first night was May 11th. So now here I am almost 1 year later, feeling festive and nostalgic, reflecting. Funny that this year I’m actually just as excited to try something else new that will expand my means of expressing my inner goddess.  I’ve decided to get into burlesque. Got my stage named picked out and everything! I wanted to do this last year as well but I’ve discovered there a many more avenues in my area for me to do so now. So yes, Happy Beltane! I hope those of you out there that celebrate are enjoying yourselves. It’s been a good one so far!

So we’ve established that you love my worn panties. I wanted to reach out and get your opinions on anything else you’d like to see me offer. Maybe you like worn socks or stockings. I certainly have some of these I could list. Maybe you like bra/panty sets? Perhaps another fetish item? You may expect me to think what you like is strange, but I’m a very open-minded gal so don’t be shy! I’d love to hear your suggestions. I’m here to please you guys 🙂

Leave a comment on this post, or if you’d like to tell me privately what you would like me to offer, use the contact form to send me an email.

Now here’s some thong goodness for ya. As of right now, this thong is still available for sale!