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Favorite Panty Discount!


I’ve decided to start offering favorite panty specials for the panties that I absolutely love and can’t wait for someone to enjoy! So here is the first pair I’ll be offering for a special discounted price of $30. Price will be good until the panties are sold! I think these panties are so cute and while I’ll be kind of sad to see them go, I can’t help but get horny thinking about you playing with them after I’ve soaked them in my sweet juices. Get them before someone else does!

Also I’m pleased to announce that I now accept cash/money orders for panty orders! More details on this and more pics of these panties located in my store.

#017 Blue Pink & Brown Striped Boyshort with bow detail only $30!!



Worn Silk Panties, Anyone?

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I was browsing panties online yesterday and came across these awesome silk panties made by narasilk. They’ve got some really pretty stuff and I’d love to have an excuse to wear such luxurious undies! I bet they would feel so good to wear and get nice and wet!  Anyone want some worn silk panties from me? 🙂 Here are a couple of my favorites, but I’d let you pick the style of course. They have all kinds. Contact me!

For you ebanned lovers, I put some panties up for auction last night. You can check them out and bid here. I’m impatiently awaiting a package full of panties from Vicky’s Secret. As soon as they get here I’ll be restocking my store. For now, be sure to check it out and see if there’s anything you like.