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It’s Officially My Birthday!

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It’s 3am on my birthday and I’m editing videos.  It’s been so long since I’ve made a blog post and I’ve got a busy few days coming up with the holidays.  I decided I had to say hello to you guys!!

So yeah I turn 28 today.  Good stuff.  Having a nice dinner out with some friends tonight and probably continuing the evening after that.  Looking forward to finishing out the holidays and enjoying the rest of my break before school starts back up.  I know it’s going to come quick!

I’ll still be able to take and fulfill panty orders over the holidays so don’t be shy!  Treat yourself 🙂  Plenty of sexiness in my panty store.

I hope everyone enjoys Christmas!! Love you guys!!


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Wrapping Things Up

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First off, thanks to everyone who took advantage of my Black Friday panty sale!  The business was much appreciated.

I had a very nice Thanksgiving, which already feels like it was ages ago.  Strange.  Have been super busy with school.  Finished up two term projects and some smaller final assignments.  Had my last classes this week and have a couple exams to take next week.  SO looking forward to winter break.  It will be a nice 3 weeks.

While I’ve been wrapping up school, have you been wrapping up my Christmas and birthday gifts? Haha.  My birthday is December 22nd.  If you would like to get me something and are not sure what, just take a look at my Amazon wishlist.  Those are the things I want!  Some of them are just for play, but a lot of them are to help me when I move after the beginning of the year.  I’m always excited when I get gifts and it feels good to be rewarded for my hard work all year.

That’s about all I’ve got to say today.  I’m feeling quite exhausted from work and school but have been so productive lately that it really feels good.

As always, I’ve got plenty of pretty panties waiting for you in my panty store.  Get yourself some of Rosie’s pussy, would ya?


Black Friday Panty Deal!!

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I’ve decided to show some love by offering a Black Friday deal for my panties.  All panties only $25 each!! This includes 2 day wear and masturbated in if you’d like.  Sale will last through 12am PST Saturday, but since I’m announcing this kinda late, I’ll extend the offer through Sunday night if you give me the code “RosiePanties” when you contact me.

I don’t do this often so be sure to take advantage! Each pair in my panty store is eligible.

I’m also offering a deal on my pre-shot videos! You can get any 5 of my solo videos that are listed on MyGirlFund for $50!! Fetish videos are only $3 each!  Payment and delivery on MyGirlFund is not necessary but is certainly an option. Contact me if interested!

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!!


New Panties On The Way Yay!

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I haven’t blogged in so long! Have been so stupid busy with school and life, and haven’t really had any cool panty stuff to talk about, but I do now. I just ordered 22 new pairs of Victoria’s Secret panties and they’ll be hear soon. I got a mix of thongs and other styles. So many different colors and prints. It will be a fine day when then arrive. I’ll have them up in the store ASAP.

I’ve also gotten a sexy Halloween costume. I’ll be shooting some pics and videos in it this weekend so keep an eye out for that. It’s a sexy chef costume. Very fitting for a horny culinary student right?

Hope you all are doing well!


Reduced Prices on Holiday Items!

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I’ve lowered the prices on my holiday themed garments. The two pair or panties are $30 each and the socks are $15. Hurry up and order before they are taken out of my store on New Year’s Day!


Holiday Lingerie Added!

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I’ve just added some holiday themed lingerie to my store! Two pair of panties, some candy cane stockings, and some Christmas tree socks are available for you guys now. Been wondering what to get yourself for Christmas? Worn goodies from Roselynn are the best treat. Get yourself some!


Happy Beltane! What Else Would you Like Me to Offer?

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Today is a special day. It’s the pagan holiday, Beltane. One of the many things Beltane is, is a time to celebrate the goddess, or the feminine. Last year, around March, when I was preparing to celebrate Beltane and doing some reading, I read some things that inspired me to try out something new that I had never considered trying before, being an adult entertainer. After much research and debate I decided to become a cam girl. My first night was May 11th. So now here I am almost 1 year later, feeling festive and nostalgic, reflecting. Funny that this year I’m actually just as excited to try something else new that will expand my means of expressing my inner goddess.  I’ve decided to get into burlesque. Got my stage named picked out and everything! I wanted to do this last year as well but I’ve discovered there a many more avenues in my area for me to do so now. So yes, Happy Beltane! I hope those of you out there that celebrate are enjoying yourselves. It’s been a good one so far!

So we’ve established that you love my worn panties. I wanted to reach out and get your opinions on anything else you’d like to see me offer. Maybe you like worn socks or stockings. I certainly have some of these I could list. Maybe you like bra/panty sets? Perhaps another fetish item? You may expect me to think what you like is strange, but I’m a very open-minded gal so don’t be shy! I’d love to hear your suggestions. I’m here to please you guys 🙂

Leave a comment on this post, or if you’d like to tell me privately what you would like me to offer, use the contact form to send me an email.

Now here’s some thong goodness for ya. As of right now, this thong is still available for sale!