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Why I Love Selling My Worn Panties

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I’ve been a dedicated used panty provider for 7 years now.  It’s something I’ve always enjoyed doing and I’ve created so many awesome relationships from it from people all over the world.  My panties have been to so many countries!! I really get a kick out of thinking about all of the places my dirty undies have been during this time. But I’m mostly grateful for my fans and clients.

Now what do I mean by dedicated? I mean selling panties to me is an operation in itself.  I’m also a camgirl but my camming and content production are almost like a whole separate business from my used panty selling. Basically, I’m doing more than just throwing panties in with my cam shows (and I’m not knocking the girls that do only that).  

When I started out selling panties I consumed endless amounts of information about the fetish and the process of selling them, much like I consumed information when I began camming. I joined communities for used panty fetish, got my panties “verified” so people in the panty fetish community could trust me, and made connections with as many other panty girls as I could. I take this stuff seriously! 

I feel that as a used panty seller I serve my higher purpose in the adult and fetish businesses and that’s to help make people’s fantasies come true, fulfill fetishes that they can’t otherwise get fulfilled, and just make people happy in general. 

I know that my fans and clients are busy guys who have sometimes stressful lives just like anyone else, and offering my companionship (and my juicy undies) is a way that I can pamper them, make them feel special, and give them an escape from the grind.

That’s why I love this so much and why I’ve been doing this so long.

I hope that gives you a bit of a glimpse into my thoughts and answers the question of “why sell your dirty underwear?”

The short answer would be, I love it!

And when you get your own pair of may worn panties from my store, I know you’ll love them just as much!


New Panties Available! I’m Listed as a Top Panty Seller! And Couples Panties Anyone?

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Have you checked out the new panties available in my store?  I added them a while back but am just getting around to blogging. Things have been super crazy but super great in my world.  Lots of travel and live music this summer.  Always sad to see summer go, but honestly fall is pretty damn cool too.  It’s just starting to get cool here.  I’ve got pumpkins on my porch and pansies in my pots.  I typed “pansies” as “panties” first. Go figure!!

It’s also time for me to get back into some serious content shooting.  I’ve been fortunate enough to take some time off (not completely off of course but slowed down) but I miss it!! I miss hanging out with my fans.  I miss all the sexy conversation and all the orgasms!  I’ve got a ton of new toys, new equipment, and my shooting and camming areas are even looking better now.  So keep out an eye for all of that!

End of the year also means tying up a lot of loose ends.  I’ve got a bunch of continuing education to finish for a professional license I hold in November.  Of course I had two years to finish it but I waited until now haha!! But you see I wasn’t even really sure I wanted to keep the licenses going.  I’ve got such a great gig making friends and being sexy online right?  But when it comes down to it I figure it’s a good idea to hold onto them just in case.  They sure weren’t easy to get (10 years ago now, Jesus).

Also at the end of the year we’ve got New Year’s Eve! I’m really excited to be able to go back up to NYC this year to see Phish.  I’m also really excited that this year it won’t be with a complete jerk.  I dated a jerk for a while y’all.  Luckily that’s been over and done with for quite some time now.  I’m with someone who treats me great now and the sex is amazing!  Which leads me to a sexy story…

One night I went up to visit my boyfriend at his house.  He lives a little ways away from me.  I was wearing some brand new white cotton bikini panties under my outfit.  We can never get enough of each other so as soon as I get there we start making out on the couch.  He stripped me down but told me to keep my panties on.  He then got on top of me, pulled them to the side and fucked me until I came all over his dick. Mmm I love coming on his dick.  Then when he was ready to blow his load he pulled out and came on my brand new bright white panties.  It was such a turn on to both of us. We didn’t even plan it.  Since then we’ve had lots of fun with panties.  A thong of mine ended up in his laundry and when he was out of town on work he put on his pajama pants and found them inside!  I got a very hot video of him jerking his dick with them and cumming on them soon after.

Since we have so much fun with this I have a question for you guys.  Would any of you be interested in “couples panties” or panties that we both have played with somehow?  Perhaps you have a cuckold fetish or you like like the idea of having panties that I wore while getting fucked?  We’re totally down so I’d like to gauge interest.  Feel free to message me or comment here to let me know.  The offer is on the table I just haven’t added it to my store since I wasn’t sure if there are some of you out there that would be interested so let me know!

Lastly, I’m proud to announce that the company Finderr has featured me on their list of top panty sellers to follow on their multiple websites in Australia, in Canada and in the UK“.  This is so awesome!! I’ve always strived to give people the best experience when it comes to my dirty panties and I have so much fun doing it so it’s wonderful to be recognized for it.

That being said, go to my store and get yourself some of these sexy undies!





Love Getting New Panties!

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I’m always excited about getting a new batch of panties for my store for basically one reason… I get to wear them! Unless special ordered for a customer, I don’t only wear the panties after someone has chosen them. They’re my everyday wear panties. So naturally I pick styles that I love.

I get excited about wearing them for you naughty panty boys as well though! When I’m wearing a pretty pair for a friend and those naughty thoughts come whenever they may pop up and make my pussy wet, it’s all the more exciting knowing that those lovely juices won’t go to waste.

New panties also means new stuff to wear in my videos and on cam! I love shaking my ass in a sexy new pair for my fans, or showing them off in a fetish clip, custom video or cam show.

Feels so nice to have a drawer full of sexy new panties right now and can’t wait to dirty them all up!


Cumming In My Pantyhose

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I wore a pair of pantyhose for a customer this week and I had a great experience wearing them!  I can definitely tell why men and women have nylon fetishes.  I slipped them on in the evening before bed.  I was planning to wear them for the next two days.  I got into my bed and became very horny thinking about a special someone.  I was lying on my stomach and slid my hand down between my legs.  I started to rub my clit from the outside of the pantyhose and it felt so good!  I instantly developed a wet spot in the crotch.  The nylon felt so good against my fingertips which felt so good on my pussy.  I continued to rub and caress my throbbing clit until I had the best orgasm I had given myself in quite some time!  After that cum that was all I wanted to while wearing those hose.  And believe me it was not the last time I did so!

I wish I would have snapped a picture of me wearing them.  They nude colored, and cuban heeled with the black seam up the back.  Sheer panty.  Very hot!  I just put them in the mail today to the lucky guy who gets to have them.  They’ve touched so much of me.  All of my legs, feet, pussy and ass!  I’ve still got a couple of pair available for sale currently.  Suntan and jet black.  I am also happy to make custom videos and fetish clips wearing pantyhose.  I think I look pretty damn good in them.  Here’s a pic of me in the black ones.


My First Worn Panty Cam Show

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Up until just recently I hadn’t been able to witness any of my customers enjoying my used panties, I’d just heard their (hot) stories. I was very excited when a cam customer of mine told me that he wanted to buy some panties from me and incorporate them into our shows. He wanted a white thong. I love dirtying up white panties they’re the best. The plan was to wear the panties for a full day, have a show with me rubbing them up real good at the end of that day for him, then when he got them we’d do another show while he played with my panties and I played with myself. This is just what we did.

I put the panties on in the evening, wore them throughout the day, and we played that night. They got nice and wet and fragrant for him and I came hard that night thinking about how fun our next show would be. I sent them off the next day and when he received them he contacted me. We set up a show for that night. He couldn’t wait to taste mem. I wasn’t able to see him during this show (although I was dying to), but I could hear him. I bent over and fingered my pussy for him and he told me how much he loved the panties. I could hear him sucking them clean and it turned me on so much. He said he couldn’t believe how good my pussy tasted.  Needless to say, I came hard again!  It was an awesome experience and I can’t wait until it happens once more.

Sound like a good time to you?  Pick out some panties and get in touch with me. 😉


Checking In

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I haven’t posted a blog in over a week! That’s unlike me. I’ve been up to the same old stuff really. Enjoyed the long weekend and celebrated Independence day a bit with some fireworks. Even though I usually work every night of them, holiday weekends feel great.

This week I’ve been busy busy! Every day I’ve felt like I’ve had so much to do but it’s all been for a good cause. I’m trying to save up as much money as I can before I go on my vacation next weekend. I’ll be leaving and 1 week and 1 day I’m ecstatic! I’m looking forward to hanging out with my friends this weekend. Didn’t get to do so last weekend, because they were out of town.

I’ve gotten a couple new panty customers this week and I’m very happy about that! I’m wearing a pair of white boy shorts for one of them now. They’re going to be good and cummy when I’m done with them! White is always the most fun to dirty up.

Ooo I’ve got new thigh highs. I love victoria’s secret sheer black thigh highs and just snatched me up a pair. Here’s a pic of me wearing them for the first time. They look so perfect! I can’t get enough of stockings.


I’ve Always Had a Thing For Panties

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I was thinking the other day how I’ve been sharing my used undies with others for a relatively short time, but I’ve always had a thing for panties. I’ve always enjoyed shopping for them. I love picking them out bringing home lots of new ones. The summer after I graduated high school I had this jean mini skirt (which I still have by the way), and I would always wear my favorite panties under them knowing that at some point someone was going to catch a glimpse at them. I didn’t outwardly flashed people, but if I were say, sitting on the ground and had to get up, I’d be very aware at that moment that someone was going to catch a glimpse under my skirt… and I liked it, hehe.

So now I’ve got this new thing that I do with panties, and it really is a turn on! I’m glad I decided to become a used panty seller. It’s just so naughty and fun. I love letting my customers know when I’m wearing their panties. Just makes it more intimate. Even when we’re not chatting we’ve both got it in the back of our minds, putting smiles on our faces and making us horny!

I’ve definitely always enjoyed panties. I’m sure I’ll find more new ways to continue to for a long time!

Have an awesome weekend and make sure you check out my ebanned auctions!


I Enjoy Selling My Worn Panties

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I’ve gotten requests for my used panties since I started camming, but I didn’t sell my first pair until fairly recently. It was to a customer whom I had already become friends with. I made a custom video for him of me getting the panties nice and juicy just the way he wanted, then sealing them up to send off to him. I very much enjoyed the thought of him being aroused by the scent of my soiled panties and was eager to hear from them that they had arrived. When he told me how intense it was for him to watch the video I had made just for him while inhaling my sweet aroma, I got so turned on. That really made it worthwhile for me and I was hooked!

It’s  a rush the first time a customer contacts me for sale. It’s the beginning of a totally naughty encounter like no other. You can have this intimate physical experience with a complete stranger who you’ll never meet, and who could be potentially on the other side of the world. It’s very kinky. Discussing how the panties will be prepared and what naughty pics and/or videos may come along with them is hot. I love thinking about carrying it all out. I love to please!

And wearing the panties I’m going to be sending to a customer is very erotic. I often think about the person I’m wearing them for, and every time I cum in them I tickled by how I’m making them that much more yummy for them.

Needless to say this is my new vice. My name is Roselynn Locks, and I’m a panty addict.

I’m looking forward to you making that first connection with me. My panties and I are waiting for you.