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For You Sock and Stocking Lovers :)

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I shot a tease clip of me wearing my new thigh high rainbow socks that I love so much!! It’s a very sexy non nude video of me teasing you with my beautiful ass, long legs, and sexy feet. It’s about 5 minutes long and in HD. You can view the entire video on the premium side of my Shakinit site, or purchase the clip on Clips4Sale. Here’s the teaser. Enjoy!


Cream Video Teaser

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I made a video of me pouring cream all over my naked body. Thought you guys might like to see the teaser! You can find this video as well as 112 other sexy videos on Shakinit. Join up to see them all! You can also buy this clip and my many other fetish clips on Clips4Sale.

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100 Videos On Shakinit!!

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It’s been several months since I started making videos on Shakinit and I’m proud to say that I now have 100 videos in premium! My hard work has paid off (and isn’t over). I’ve got a variety of videos. Most are strip/dance videos. Some nude, some non-nude. Lots of pretty panties and pantyhose. I’ve also got some masturbation and fetish videos. I gladly take requests. If you like panties and you enjoy seeing me naked you should definitely become a member! You’re missing out otherwise. You can join weekly or monthly, and you get a discount if you sign up for a monthly recurring membership (definitely worth it since I upload 2-5 videos per week). Would you like to see a certain kind of video that I haven’t made yet? Leave a comment on this blog post!

The teaser below is from one of my most recently added videos.

New panties are up in my store! So many cute styles to choose from and lots of silky/satin panties. Very Spring like too! I’m ready to wear some just for you. 🙂


Thank You!! New Panty/Pantyhose Videos Available. New Panties Soon!

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It’s a little late but I wanted to thank everyone who entered my giveaway. It was a great sucess. The winner chose a pair of my suntan pantyhose. Lucky guy. 🙂

I haven’t been able to post until now (and this is admittedly a rushed post, I apologize), because I was out of town seeing Radiohead!! I had such a good time. The show was of course fantastic. The part of Atlanta I stayed in was great. It was a nice little mini vacation and the whole thing went wonderfully. Got back home and learned on Monday that they announced northeast dates!! So I’m planning to see them again this summer. Missed out on the presale this morning though which blows. Hoping to God I don’t get shut out of the Ticketmaster sale. But where there’s a will there’s a way. I’ll get some more godamn tickets somehow!

You guys have been buying up my panties like crazy I appreciate it very much! Inventory has gotten low in my store so I plan to order some more probably this weekend.

Last night I shot two fetish videos that I know pretty much everyone who visits this site would appreciate so I wanted to let you know about them.

  • One is a ‘Private Panty Show’ video. It’s about 10 minutes of footage of me changing in and out of several different pairs of panties. Lots of pretty pussy and ass shots.
  • The other is a pantyhose roleplay. 7 minutes I believe. I’m sitting at my desk (yeah it’s really my couch) in my blouse skirt and suntan pantyhose when I notice you admiring my legs. I begin to tease you then realize that my pantyhose a quite wrinkled and in need of an adjustment. So I work out all of the wrinkles in my hose in both legs from toe to panty while you watch.

Right now you can find both of these videos in my Clips4Sale store. When I have time (when will I?) I plan to get them up on MyGirlFund also, and the Panty Show one will be added to my Shakinit site as well. I’ve got 88 premium videos up on Shakinit now! If you haven’t become a member you definitely need too. At least check out my sexy teasers!!

I think that covers just about everything right now. Keep an eye out for new panties!! Love you all!


Have You Joined My Site Yet?

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My Shakinit members site has been live for almost a month now! I’ve been adding content weekly and having a blast with it. I’ve got 39 members only videos, and 42 public videos/teasers. I’m adding two more today that I shot last night! The videos consist of vlogs, dancing/bootyshaking, and masturbation videos. I can’t stress enough how much I appreciate video suggestions. The more ideas I get the more content I can add. It’s great for everyone!

So join up for new content weekly. It’s a steal. 🙂

Here’s a video I shot last night for the fun of it. I love playing dress up.

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