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Happy Thong Thursday!

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Just wanted to show you boys some Thong Thursday love. I’m wearing a new pair a panties in this pic. A sexy hot pink thong! If you haven’t checked out the new panties in my store you need to! I added about 17 pair last week and have added two more since. You satin lovers will be happy. I’ve added a black satin criss cross back panty. I’ve offered the same panty a few times in the past and it never sticks around long! I’ve also added a red lace thong.


Ordering New Panties Today!

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The panty store inventory has gotten a little low so I am officially buying new panties today. Just wanted to let everyone know. I think I’m going to get some from Aerie. I’ve gotten lots of cute stuff from them in the past and I’ve got a gift card from Christmas for them. Scrimping and saving lately! Maybe a few pair from some other places too. Aerie doesn’t have any satin and that’s something I like to have some of for you boys. Keep an eye out for new stuff. I’ll make another announcement when they’re here! In the meantime, Happy Thong Thursday! 🙂

I’m accepting entries for my free cam show giveaway through Sunday. Don’t miss out on the chance to win a 15 minute Skype show from me!



Happy Thong Thursday!

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Happy Thong Thursday!! Here are some sexy thong pics for all you panty boys.

And also, for the worn pantyhose lovers, I’ve got some available again in suntan and jet black. Check my store.


Happy Thong Thursday!

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Took this pic last night for the occassion. Hope you enjoy 🙂  I’ve got thongs available for all you panty boys in my store.  Have yourself one.


Thong Thursday!

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I am quite fond of the Thong Thursday pics I posted on Twitter today so I wanted to share them here. Hope you enjoy!!  The g-string is part of a dancewear set I have so it snaps on and off, hehe.

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